The manner in which ACOLID undertakes its function's, encourage a number of Arab- states, inter-Arab organizations, private sector to express their interest in having the company executing similar projects in their domestic land as need pre-supposes. This is indeed a crowning Point of what ACOLID has achieved. ACOLID has succeeded- during its running course up to 2007- to establish (36 projects, subsidiaries and minority sharing. Below are examples of the main running subsidiaries and participations:


Arab Saudi Company for Poultry Production (AL-ASYAH)

The company's compound is located at Al-Asiyah province in Al-Qassim region. Its paid up capital amounted to S.R (140) million out of which ACOLID holds 80% and 10% for each two partners (GOSI) and Pension Department. The company engaged in all agricultural, technical, industrial activities concerned in the production, processing, transporting, and marketing of poultry products and feeds. Also it sought to attain chain of restaurants in the name of (TAZAQ AL ASIYAH). The project annual capacity is (7) million broiler. Breeding broiler farms of annual production of (25) million hatching eggs. An oasis of palm date trees of (12,000) trees also was planted on the project.


The Arab Company for Poultry Production.( Farouj Al-Wadi)

The project and head-office of the company are located at Emirates Al-Fujiarah in U.A.E in an area of (600) hectares. The paid-up capital is DH (82,350) million out of which (60%) is held by ACOLID, and (40%) by Al-Fujairh government. The company is engaged in production of poultry meat and table eggs with a annual capacity of (4) million broiler and (15) million table eggs, which constructively participated partially in satisfying the local demand for these commodities.

In the course of its efforts to invest the surplus cash available, the company has established a commercial and administrative tower of (20) stories in apiece of Land granted by H.E. Sheik Hamad Bin Mohammed Al-Sharqui, member of  the supreme council, Ruler of Emirates al-Fujairah.


The Arab Qatari Company for Poultry Production Doha (QCPP)

The company was formed in 1985, the paid up capaital is 161.3 million out which ACOLID's share constitutes 60% and 40% held by Qatar Government.

The company is sought to attain the production of (7.2) million broiler and (60) million table eggs to fulfill the demand of the consumers as a sole distinguished producer in the
State of Qatar for Poultry products.


Takamul Company for Poultry Production

The company's project is located at Buraydah, hail Road. Its authorized capital amounted to SR. (80) million out of which ACOLID and the Arab Saudi Company for Poultry Production holds 50% each. The company is aimed to produce broiler processed meat with an annual capacity of (7) million processes broiler.
The company's project is comprised of the followings:

"        Hatching sector with annual capacity of 6.6 million chicks
"        Broiler sector with a capacity of 6.2 million chicks
"        Slaughter and processing sector with an annual capacity of 6.1 processed broiler.
          ( Fresh-Frozen)
"        Rendering plant
"        Waste Water Treatment unit
Utilities and services units: workshop-mosque-canteen, water & power station etc. An oasis 0f (3,000) palm dates trees were planted to utilized the water of the rendering treatment plant.


The Arab Poultry Breeding & Production Company (Breeders - Sharjah U.A.E.)

The company was formed on end of year 1997. It's authorized paid-up capital amounted to DH (130) Millions out of which ACOLID holds 70% and Sharjah Government holds 30%. The company was formed with the objective of establishing a poultry project for breeding parents that produces broiler chick and hatching eggs for poultry projects in the hosting state and neighboring countries. Such products are considered a part of the strategic link in poultry industry, and it is planed that this project will introduce in the future stage, the breeding of grand parents and pure line.

The establishment of this company is considered as the crowing point of ACOLID continues role that enriches poultry industry in the Arab Region.

The company/s project comprises of parents sector with annual capacity of (25) million parent eggs and parent hatching eggs unit with annual capacity 0f (6) million chicks also a broiler sector with capacity of (4) million broiler annually. Feed mill plant produces 10 tons/hour (25) Thousands tons diversified poultry feeds on one shift.


The Arab Company for Animal Production (Al - Digdaga) at Ras Al-Kaimah

The company was formed in 1979 with a paid-up capital of DH (32.6) million, ACOLID's share contributes 60% and Ras-Khaimah government holds 40% of it. The company produces (2,500) tons of pasteurized milk & dairy products. This company is considered as a pioneer in the field of producing, processing of dairy products green fodders, and processed red meat in UAE.
The Company's project is comprised of the following units:
"        Dairy cow farm at Al-Digdaga
"        Milking parlor with a capacity of (32) cows simultaneously
"        Milk plant producing pasteurized and other dairy products-Juices ets
"        Fodder farm at Hamraniya
"        Utilities and service units


Arab Qatari Company for Dairy Production  ( Ghadeer )

The company was formed in 1985 as joint venture between the state of Qatar, ACOLID and Gulf investment Corporation. The company projects are aimed to provide the local market with fresh milk and dairy products, Juices, ice cream, fresh and dry fodders, and veal.  It is considered as the sole and main producer in the state of Qatar for fresh milk. IN line with the state policy for privatization, the government sold its capital share to Mohammad A. Al-Mana Group. (Private sector).
The board of Directors has adopted a reform scheme strategy, set-up by ACOLID representatives, which include enhancing production efficiency, capital structure introducing of new products, new advanced technology and methodology in dairy products industry.
Dairy cow's farm: one of the largest cow farm in the state of Qatar with a capacity of (1200) cows and their followers, shaded yards have been equipped with cooling system. The milking parlor has a capacity of (32) milking cows simultaneously Green fodder farm: Located at Al-Rakia and considered to be the biggest green farm producing alfalfa rodes and barely. The farm is irrigated by means of central pivot system for an area of 1200 hectares
Milk Plant (factory) : The plant operates at a capacity of (30) tons per shift. It is equipped with the most advanced machinery for producing pasteurized milk, laban, yoghurt, ice cream, juice chee, cheese, butter
Quality control measures and standard have been implemented and maintained, where the company's products awarded as ISO 9001-2002 certificate as the first food industry company which holds ISO in Qatar. Such achievement is considered as a growing point to what the company has achieved since its incorporation until now, such distinguished reputation earned it a leading foothold amongst counterparts.