Corporate Profile :

Acolid is a pan-Arab joint stock company emanated from the council for economic unity affiliate of the Arab league, established in 1974 as a pioneer with leading role in livestock development fields. It started its activities in 1977 with a paid-up capital of $ (210.6) millions. Shareholders are twelve Arab states.
Acolid main objectives are to perform all technical, agricultural, industrial and commercial activities concerned with the production, processing and transport of animal products and feed materials, equipment, machinery and appliances essential for its objectives, in addition to carrying out studies, the preparation of specifications and providing of consulting services both for its own purpose and for others.
Acolid has succeeded - during its running course up to 2007 - to establish (36) projects, subsidiaries and minority sharing, based on sound economic grounds and sectorial and geographical diversification in the Arab world as below.

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